Vue Js, as good as it gets

By Cristian Leonardo

Have you ever heard of a simple, easy, and fast alternative to build wonderful reactive web applications? Well Vue Js is the solution. Today I would like to tell you about Vue JS. A web framework that allows you to build graphical interfaces using Javascript. In this post, I will explain what this is and why it has become one of the most recommended alternatives to build web applications.     Let´s start   Vue is an open-source framework that allows building user interfaces in an agile and simple way. Focusing only on the UI. It is characterized by using an abstraction of the MVVM design pattern that means Model View - View Model. Of this mentioned pattern, only uses the VM (View Model) layer. Where the “V” is the bone data representation layer. The view and “M” represent the business model layer, being an event-driven development. Also, abstracts the best of Angular and React JS. Mixing the powerful features and some of the great functionalities that these two big Frameworks have. For example, the data Binding of angular or the virtual DOM of react, among others. Development by components is Vue's philosophy. Which serves to create powerful pieces in a view or an interface. Then, you can also integrate it with any other programming language or Framework such as; Ruby, Laravel, Sprint, among others.   Why is Vue Js so popular?   In a very simple way, it is very powerful. It has what it takes to start a small piece or application and scale it in a very simple and robust manner. However, the most striking thing is that its learning curve is easy and does not require very advanced knowledge in programming it, because it allows you to create dynamic interfaces with events that give it great interactivity. In addition to that, this framework also has a large library of modules that optimize and simplify the work, such as using Vue Router to control navigation and routes, Vuex to control states, etc. On the other hand, if you mix all will have a rich ecosystem that will raise the potential of your projects or parts built with Vue.   Characteristics of Vue Js A smooth and uncomplicated learning process and curve. A rich ecosystem that allows to speed up the development processes in a very simple way. Has a CLI called Vue CLI, which facilitates the work through a command line (similar to Angular). Is the best of Angular and React JS, together in one framework. Characterizes it that is very light and has one of the best performances in terms of frameworks today. It can be coupled in a very simple way to an existing project and does not generate alterations in the architecture of the project. Being very popular for the process of updating classic web developments. It has some very good plugins and development tools which make the development processes easier to manage and implement. It can be used as a library through a CDN or it can be used as a Framework with a previous ecosystem configured through its CLI.

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