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At Cafeto, we create, develop, and implement a support model that guarantees the success of your operation.

With us, your company can feel confident and supported since the flexibility of our software maintenance service allows us to create a support team according to your needs. We can perform hourly coverage 24 hours/7 days a week or any other required time.

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uptime service

Incident management is responsible for proactively detecting incidents, alerting the support engineering team to identify the problem, analyze causes, and provide a quality solution.

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Creating a new user, assigning permissions, installing an app, or generating a report, can be some of the many requests a user may make during operation.

To handle and manage these software maintenance service requests, our support engineer team has the expertise to do so efficiently and on time.

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Your customers don’t need to be affected by service interruptions caused by changes in the configuration of their apps.

Our team of specialized engineers is trained to follow a change management process allowing them to modify the service configuration, manage existing services and execute improvements in a controlled way.

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Staff Augmentation Model

Build your dream team of engineers specializing exclusively in software maintenance services and support for your long-term projects.


Cross-Platform Mobile App


Virtual Tradeshows platform sought support to develop and enhance their DX for online event customers. ​They launched an agenda tool and scheduling features with unique characteristics that help improve the event organization and the possibility of interaction between attendees.

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Support and maintenance for Dynamic Pricing Solutions platform to increase revenue and improve DX in multiple industries.

24/7 Monitoring, L1 and L2 support, and maintenance teams for cloud-based dynamic pricing and CPQ platforms for B2B software companies.

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Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) often require multiple classes of drugs, being at significant risk for developing drug interactions. This healthcare multinational developed a next-gen mobile solution that aids nephrologists in prescribing medication, thus reducing interaction risk.

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