December 10, 2020

10 steps to hire an IT Nearshore Outsourcing Software Development Service.

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10 steps to hire an IT Nearshore Outsourcing Software Development Service.

10 steps to hire an IT Nearshore

10 steps to hire an IT Nearshore: Hiring an IT Outsourcing Software Development Service is the preferred choice of companies that want to better allocate their in-house team resources, want to access a larger pool of software development talent, increase the overall capacity of their engineering or developer teams and o

Freeing up valuable resources of your company will improve operating costs, improve business functions, and increase productivity. 

Here’s a step by step when you choose your nearshore software, development partner:

1. Choose the country you want to outsource to and make sure is in the same time zone:

Evaluate the average cost of hiring developers in the countries you are researching. Make sure the country has a highly developed IT market, high-quality educational infrastructure, and the ability to communicate in your language.

2. Search the local market for suppliers

(to know who offers these services). You can check Clutch, Goodfirms. Check reviews, success stories. Recommendations. At least three suppliers Once you choose country, look for best ranked local suppliers 

3. Ask colleagues for recommendations or friends in the industry  I am looking for someone close to recommending me and I search on Google 


4. Evaluate previous clients, 

Relevance of the industry, Validate data about the company, where they are located   references

5. Understand price vs quality of their service 

6. what other options they offer in terms of benefits and guarantees on the service  

Policies they have to ensure the quality of the services.

7. Evaluate the IT market where the company is located. 

Government sources of connectivity, digital resonances. 

8. I try to make contact by the simplest means that they offer me, usually WhatsApp, if it is not easy to communicate I begin to discard

9. History on the market you come from, cultural fit, values 

It would be necessary to define what that culture is … but in general it is hard work, quick and tangible results with good quality

and that this is proven by having working with several companies in the market there and with sustained growth

It is also important to have references, which we always provide

10 I ask for information on prices of what I want to do or a quote, If I am interested, I ask for an appointment to review the proposal in detail, if they do not give me information and on the contrary they ask for a meeting, I accept but from the outset I am not in a very good disposition.

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