May 5, 2021

7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working at Cafeto

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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Working at Cafeto

Hi there! We want to share with you some cool reasons why we think you will love working at Cafeto! It may sound clichĂ©, but we believe our co-workers are very happy at work! And we are sure that your expectations can be met on a daily basis in our Cafeto environment, and from day one in our recruitment and selection process. But before we talk about it, do you already know who we are?   

As you may have guessed, yes, our company is related to coffee, but not in the way you think (although we love coffee). Cafeto was born with the solid conviction to promote technological services in Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Every day, we design, improve, and monitor web, mobile, custom software, and applications, as well as enhance content with graphic design for clients around the world.

We think of us as a coffee plant that needs special conditions to give the best product. It means that Cafeto offers the best conditions for you to develop personally and professionally; while you help the company grow and improve. 

For us, was really important to create an environment where each team member felt like our most important client. So here we are, 11 years after the Cafeto foundation, with more than 200 talents in Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and Australia. This allows us to offer you a multicultural experience, working with expert teammates from around the world! Furthermore, a friendly recruitment and selection process.

Now, let’s check the 7 reasons why you will love working here!  

Reason #1: We love long term relationships 

We do love having you with us as long as possible. Time allows us to grow together, learn and show you that we can also be called home. In addition, we love to maintain long-term relationships with our clients too. We believe trust is one of our greatest assets. Thus, you would not have to worry about quickly changing projects (unless you want to). 🙂 

Reason # 2: You have a voice, and we love hearing from you 

Have you been in a big company where you felt you had no voice? Well, one of our biggest concerns is ensuring that everyone can be heard and taken into account. We are a medium-sized company, and as we have grown step by step, we know how communication can be the best possible between the teams and the entire company. So, we can affirm, here, your opinion will be heard! 

Reason #3: You can challenge yourself

Here, you will never get bored! You will take on challenges, learn new technologies, work with foreign clients that will allow you to take your professional profile to another level. 

For us, you are the priority, so we encourage your 360 development through personalized development plans, monitoring your expectations from the recruitment and selection process. You will have semi-personalized English classes so that you can improve your language skills. We also have plans to identify opportunities to improve technical, & soft skills. 

Reason #4: 

Teamwork beats distance 

Do you think that working from offices spread across the world and working remotely means feeling alone in the workplace? No way! It takes a bit of effort, but we managed to maintain a friendly atmosphere among our people by organizing frequent virtual meetings. We hope that as the pandemic is brought under control, we can get together physically, share pizza, and great times! 

BTW, check home-office tips.

Reason #5: We have multiple cultural spaces 

We understand that the Cafeto Family has multiple hobbies, interests, and values, that is why we want to create spaces in which you feel that you belong. We want to break stereotypes, social and mental barriers, to promote an open and inclusive society, even from the recruitment and selection process. So, if you have ideas or a special activity that you would like us to have in the company, do not hesitate to contact us! 

Reason #6: Excellent equipment 

We are an IT company, right? So, you need the best equipment to create! Cafeto will provide you with a high-quality laptop. Also, if you need any peripheral devices such as screens, mice, or keyboards – just ask! Our Office Management team will make sure you have everything you need. We also work with great management tools, such as: Jira, HubSpot, Trello, Microsoft Office Suite, and more!  

Reason #7: Referral program  

You can help our Cafeto Family grows! If you refer friends that get hired, you earn extra money! So, why not referring many friends?  

P.S. We have an extra reason! Well, many more, but we want to mention that we will take care of your health, with prepaid medicine for you and one member of your family!  

We hope these 7 reasons convinced you to give Cafeto a try. For even more details, check out our open positions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 

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