June 17, 2021

Automate & Integrate: what is up with this trend and how can you jump on board?

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Automate & Integrate: what is up with this trend and how can you jump on board?

It seems to me that nowadays more and more companies rely on automation in order to become more efficient, effective, reduce errors and overall try to gain any competitive advantage regardless of their industry. We can see this in industries ranging from agriculture to telecommunications; and all those in between. However, automation is no picnic.

It requires precise procedures, highly qualified people, much much (yes, that’s two times as much) review, and incredibly strong determination. The end result, processes that take a fraction of the time for a person to do manually. It is, ultimately speaking, an investment with the hopes of having a very high NPV in the future. This, however, comes not without risk; since the processes to be automated should be fully well known, streamlined, and able to break into smaller, more digestible, and “codable” processes. Therefore, having the right people to do the job is also an incredibly important aspect. 

Integration allows for all of these new technologies to talk to each other, work together, hand in hand, and deliver a desired result. We see this everyday in more and more aspects in the Tech world. From the app you use to get your food delivered, to the different email addresses you use in your daily life, all must communicate seamlessly and provide a user-friendly aspect. 

In order to do so, such integrations must be meticulously executed, tested, retested, and then launched. With so many different technologies popping up everywhere to make our lives easier in every aspect of our waking lives, these must be rigorously evaluated and translated from one language to the other. You would not want for a part of your customer base to be cut off simply because your technology does not speak your prospects’ phone, computer, tablet, or whatever software they use. 

You don’t want to lose any competitive advantage in such a rapid-growing industry. Take it from us, who deal with this on a daily basis. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to ride this wave, make things better, review, evaluate, iterate, automate and integrate.

You want to look back on a week-old code and say “I can do better.” You want to receive your clients’ emails saying “Thank you so much!” You want to free up time using automation to focus on important and strategic tasks. You want technologies to speak to each other so you don’t have to build everything from scratch. You want to be the leader; and with automation and integration, you have a much higher chance of achieving that. What are you waiting for? Automate and integrate your technologies today with Cafeto. 

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