June 2, 2021

Cafeto: On our Road to Becoming a Leading IT Employer

Our Culture, Remote Work

Cafeto: On our Road to Becoming a Leading IT Employer

COVID-19 sparked a significant shift toward remote work and emphasized the need to consider the psychological needs of the team when dealing with uncertainty. Cafeto is confident that it is possible to respond to these challenges and generate positive change that will last beyond the crisis. Here, we will talk about what Cafeto does to respond to the needs of its team and face the challenges that the current situation brings to the world. Our dream is to become one of the best IT companies to work for!

With the increasing number of clients and over 200 team members on board, Cafeto is perfecting the art of communication, resilience, and strengthening the company culture. We foster an atmosphere of trust and high achievement by keeping work-friendly whenever we can, allowing flexible work hours, and encouraging the voice of all our Cafeto Makers.

Adjusting community-building to post-covid times

Although remote work was already part of our dynamics, adopting this working style in the whole company implied redesigning the activities that would guarantee our organizational culture and the logistics for everyone to work from home comfortably.

Thanks to the team and their experience, Cafeto quickly adjusted to the global crisis and the pandemic restrictions. The company has prepared hiring and onboarding, new team members, 100% remotely. Also, everyone is able to receive at home all the equipment to work in perfect conditions.

Cafeto has also launched activities meant to bring people together and allow them to stay “sane” during this crazy time. Moreover, numerous wellbeing initiatives, such as posture care talks, safety and security at work weekly talks, and health-related conferences have been launched.

Friendly onboarding

Onboarding is always an important step, as it is the introduction to the Cafeto’s world. That’s why we always try to make our onboarding as friendly as possible. The new members of our company are able to meet their new co-workers, become familiar with the Cafeto culture, and receive as much support as necessary.

We are also working on having a career conversation. This, in order to define a path or plan that guides the team members’ efforts. We want them to increase their confidence within the company and meet their expectations in the short, medium, and long term.

“At Cafeto we are working on creating an IDP (Individual Development Plan), which consists of identifying the technical knowledge, skills, and competencies of each person and the match or adjustment they make with the profile they perform. Our objective is that the new members of Cafeto not only fulfill their role, we also want to know their personal interests and expectations to create an IDP that will take them where they are projected. With this identified, the new member can know what to do to reach the next level or choose a route in which they want to move and grow within Cafeto.”

Sandra LĂłpez, People Team Lead.

We evaluate how everyone feels regarding adaptation

For us, it is crucial to monitor the adaptation of the new members as well as the adaptation to the change of the older ones. That’s why we started to conduct regular surveys to identify the problems the people face and struggle with, the challenges of switching to fully remote work, and how everyone feels about what they expected from the position and how it is doing.

Cafeto: Best IT companies to work for

We identified the need for this process to keep track of the overall satisfaction and improve our culture and processes, so everyone can feel completely happy at Cafeto. Our overall goal is to become one of the best IT companies to work for!

Wellness for our Cafeto Makers 

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have been working on several activities that allow us to keep a friendly atmosphere while we try to improve the wellbeing of all our Cafeto Makers. Due to the current situation, we have added some new talks about mental wellness, posture care, and physical wellness.  

Best IT companies to work for

Furthermore, we keep doing activities such as:  

  • Women’s Circle  
  • English semi-personalized classes 
  • Friday’s games 
  • Referral program (we increased the rewards to refer someone that join Cafeto!) 
  • Cafeto tech talks 
  • Gifts for special days (so many beautiful and useful gifts for our Cafeto Makers)  
Check open positions here! 🙂

Direct communication is key

Straight-talking makes part of our brand manifest, so we always try to communicate assertively without offending, promoting respect for the opinions of others.

Direct communication is also evident when we encourage open feedback within teams, managers, and the CEO. We believe that something extremely positive is how our CEO, Luis Perez, is always open to conversation, answering questions, or managing comments. He constantly searches for channels to be close to everyone.

Luis also seeks to update the teams on all the details of the current situation of the company, finances, human resources matters, and how we are going on our way to becoming one of the best IT companies to work for.

Challenge accepted!

People are Cafeto’s greatest value. Engaging them, taking care of their wellbeing and development, it’s our primary purpose! At the same time, we are committed to working on improving our environment and reinforcing our core values through diverse activities. Our team will definitely not waste the opportunity you give us.

We will continue to strive to make Cafeto a place where everyone feels good, and we’ll keep working to become one of the best IT companies to work for!

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