April 22, 2021

Colombia commits to digital security.


Colombia commits to digital security.

Colombia commits to digital security with a new resolution (500 of 2021) issued by the ITC Ministry, establishes the guidelines and standards to implement a new Security and Private Information model– SPIM with also, a security risk management instructive and a procedure for managing digital security incidents has been created. 

“ It establishes the guidelines and standards for the digital security strategy.” 

ITC Ministry

The instrument also works as a roadmap for security managers. Therefore, to consolidate digital security as a protective information asset through documents and technical team actions. Designed as a guidebook. So that governmental entities could implement this new information security into their processes. Resulting in an awakening to strengthen the assurance of infrastructure and IT services

Consequently aiming that with the resolution’s implementation especially among the public sector, tools to improve the technical monitoring of the IT infrastructure, processes for the protection of information privacy, security of apps development can be set up in the country. Moreover, leading to positive outcomes since the measurement’s impact would guarantee sturdy control and effective responses when threats compromise the information security. 

Colombia on its road to being Latin America’s Silicon Valley.

Although, applying the instructive into the whole red is crucial, as with, periodically checking up on the tech system to find bugs and ensure its correct functioning. Digital security moves the nation to the next step in the 4.0 digital revolution, accessing safe and secure public information. In other words, the more security there is in the public sector, the more opportunities private companies will have to improve their digital infrastructure and develop greater channels for the consumers. 

In contrast, tell us, what do you think will happen if the public sector starts implementing this strategy? 

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Colombia: The next Latin American Silicon Valley.

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