June 3, 2021

How to outsource Marketing Operations?

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How to outsource Marketing Operations?

Digital marketing strategy; Reduce gaps, allow control and ensure order with a digital marketing strategy supported by your Software Development partner.

digital marketing strategy

In a few months, Covid-19 exposed the need to speed up digitalization. Companies have been pushed to reinvent themselves and respond to the needs of the new digital consumer. 

One of the fields in which companies have had to adapt the most is in their digital marketing strategies, operations, and outcomes. Whether B2C, B2B, C2C, or C2B digital relationships have changed for good and stakeholders must keep up in a highly competitive market.  

According McKinseys’ “How Covid is changing consumer behavior, June 2020” some of the most important challenges companies are facing regarding their marketing efforts are: 

  • The race to stay relevant. 
  • The reinvention of the buying experience: follow consumers in their new decision journeys.  
  • Allocation of resources: ingenious ways organizations can reach out to their customers. 
  • Win loyalty shifts: foster trust through communication.

More than three-quarters of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions—a sentiment that has steadily intensified even after lockdowns have ended.

Source: McKinsey & Co

Taking into account that, having an IT Services and Software Development partner supporting your digital marketing strategy to face these challenges is vital. Helping to overcome the sudden change of customer behavior by assisting you with a competitive software platform for your website. 

How could a Software Development partner support your digital marketing strategy? 

An experienced Software Development partner in the tech field, will most likely elaborate updated solutions for your product. Besides, having a partner like Cafeto Software ensures up to speed digitalization, the latest use of technologies, and insights on the market trends for your company. Creating a digital strategy with a partner immersed in the industry guarantees broad know-how. 

2. Complete solutions

If creating a website is what you want, then, having a freelance developer do it, it’s fine. But, if you want an optimized website with a suited user interface experience that would attract traffic, leads, and sales due to a well-rounded marketing strategy for your product; obtaining a software development partner that could provide you both: software development and digital services is your way to go. 

3. Synchronization in processes

You’ll be gaining control, order, and sync. Not having to worry about the alignment of your website’s software development with its digital marketing strategy (branding, graphic design, SEO, among others). The digital team will be 100% working hand by hand with the developers. In order to, deliver a product that would support the whole marketing strategy. Acquiring both resources in the same company guarantees fast and real-time work between these two areas. 

4. Platform upgrade

Developing a complete website that takes into consideration the behavior of current netizens. Did you know that according to a study made by McKinsey & Co, only about 20% of B2B buyers hope to return to in-person sales?

This means that the remaining 70% of B2B decision-makers are open to making remote purchases:

  • Above $50,000, and 27% would spend more than $500,000.

To stay competitive in this new business and economic environment, it requires new strategies and practices.

5. Market competitiveness

Nowadays companies according to a recent study made by Statista, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online. Therefore, implementing an e-commerce strategy not only puts your company’s name on the map but having a Software Development partner who could support that strategy with digital marketing services will make your plan solid.

Digital buyers can also be influenced by a range of digital resources when shopping, such as brand emails and product reviews. Reasons to purchase aside”  

Statista, 2020.

6. Cost efficiency

Why would you hire two different services when you can have both of them in one company? This translates into reduced costs. As a customer, you’ll be having a major chance of lowering prices. Besides, you’ll be able to monitor the project’s performance easily. Contacting a single manager to help you track your product’s outcome.

Being a digitalized company in today’s market is important, but applying a digital strategy with the support of a Software Development partner to scale up your communication efforts in the online world, unifies your plan. Certainly, the support will give you a look and a global understanding of trends in technology, endorsed by the experience of a Software Development partner like Cafeto.

Besides, the IT partner can also have a complete solution since you won’t have to look for the redesign or optimization of your website on one company and the marketing services on another. Having everything in one place is priceless, and that reduces gaps, allows more control, ensures order, synchronization and that in the end turns into efficiency impacting positively on your costs. So what do you say, will you consider having a software development partner to support your digital marketing strategy? Leave us a comment below and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.

digital marketing strategy

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