May 10, 2021

Etix Everywhere launches data center in Cali, Colombia.

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Etix Everywhere launches data center in Cali, Colombia.

Etix Everywhere launches data center in Cali

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Etix Everywhere, has just launched one of the newest data centers in Colombia. The French data center operator invested USD 10 million to open its first Latin American data center in the city of Cali. However, this is not the first one opened in Colombia. Since, there are other four centers already established by IBM, AWS, along other companies. Furthermore, this will affect positively the nation’s economy and capacity of doing business. As well as, allowing to serve over 40 “top” Colombian companies in sectors, such as banking, finance, retail, and healthcare.

“Data centers are data storage centers in which companies house internal information, their users, transactions or any relevant data for the operation, which must be available 24 hours a day.”

El Tiempo.

Certainly, the factors pulling in these kinds of centers within Colombia are the constant growth, transformation, and the industry’s internationalization. However, is important to acknowledge the thorough support of the state strongly promoting the private initiatives in the ICT sector. Equally with the settling of the IBM centers; working together on projects related to science, technology, and innovation. 

Advantages of data centers settling in Colombia:

  • Complementing the country’s offer in the segment. 
  • Opening high-quality computer disaster recovery (DRP).
  • The increase in foreign investment: translated into a rise in the country’s GDP. 
  • Reactivation of the country, more technology, and more jobs. 
  • Technology entrance, less risk, and data security.  

However, it’s important to highlight that the ‘Etix Cali # 1’ is one of the biggest in Colombia. It’s also the only one with Tier IV certification in design and construction that’s not located in Bogotá. Moreover, Etix Cali #1 provides a platform where an ecosystem of suppliers can be found. Integrators of private and public cloud solutions, cybersecurity, telecommunication channels, among others. 

What does this mean for Colombia? 

Flavia Santoro, current Procolombia´s president, says that Etix’s selection of Colombia to launch their first data center in the region demonstrates how the country is positioning itself as the Latin American hub of enterprise services to supply the local market and third parties. 

Why Etix Everywhere launched its data center in Cali?

Alejandro Ossa, board member of Invest pacific affirms that “Cali has a digital economy cluster made up of more than 735 companies. He also says “320 are from the software development and information technology outsourcing sector -ITO- and 148 from the services outsourcing sector -BPO- and IT of local and foreign origin, which demonstrates the enormous potential offered by this sector of operations and technology development in the region ”. 

In fact, “France’s investment in Colombia has registered amounts of US $ 2,353 million, positioning itself as the fourth largest investor in the European Union in the country” ProColombia.

Etix Everywhere launches data center in Cali

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