May 18, 2021

Everis inaugurates its third software development center in Colombia

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Everis inaugurates its third software development center in Colombia

Everis, the Spanish IT multinational, has launched its third software development center in Colombia.  

A $171,806 USD investment provided by one of the greatest consulting firms in charge of offering business solutions will be the promoter of youth work in the country. 

Everis, with SENA’S association, launched its third software development center in Chocó, Quibdó. With the purpose of granting 41 job positions for young apprentices to accomplish their studies. 

Every task performed by the center will be made up to fulfill the national and international project needs of the Spanish consultant. For that reason, the apprentices are going to be able to supply the demand that the world is profoundly craving for. Meanwhile, stimulating the region’s industry. 

The wide offices located next to the third most navigable river. Carry the best resources for professional development: fast internet connection and the latest generation tech equipment.  

software development center

Everi’s offices in Chocó. Source: SENA 

How does Colombia benefit from this software development center? 

We aim this strategy to reduce the unemployment rates among the region. The associate director of Everis claimed.

Colombia certainly benefits from the increasing employment opportunities for the region. But at the same time, from the strengthening of the talent’s competencies. Considering that this talent ecosystem will reduce the digital gap and inequality in the country from technological apprentices in Data Network Management, from the Center for Natural Resources, Industry, and Biodiversity of SENA Chocó. 

For the general director of Sena, Carlos Mario Estrada. This global tech firm’s foreign investment imparts to the Colombians the window of opportunity to have dignified, and stable jobs. As well as contributing to the Colombian GDP and the development of the software industry. 

The challenge 

According to a McKinsey & Co study, the talent shortage in the Colombian tech industry may represent a 112.000 programmers deficit in 2025. 

However, this multinational wanted to be prepared to provide the best service possible. But giving the apprentices the possibility to have the best tools to boost their apprenticeship in the Analysis and Development of Information Systems: advanced connectivity and the SOFIA Plus platform.  

In contrast, at Everi’s new software development center they have elaborated the update of the robotic process. Besides that, they will connect these Colombian employees to the 27,000 company’s labor forces in the U.S, Europe, and Latin America. Unquestionably allowing them to develop communicative, cultural, and adapting skills in a multicultural environment. 

In each center, we have a team of experts who give support to the Sena’s apprentices so that after their training period ends, they can be linked to relevant projects.” Felipe Zaforteza 

Definitely, Everi’s arrival will not pass by unnoticed. In fact, it will carry countless opportunities for young professionals. But, what do you think, will Chocó stimulate the country’s software industry? 

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