July 28, 2021

FAQ Cafeto Careers

Our Culture

FAQ Cafeto Careers

1. Why Cafeto Software? 

We are Creators:  

We go one step ahead allows us to adapt to the goals of our clients and our people. We are innovative, and we love to materialize ideas because we know that if you can imagine something, we can help you create it. Likewise, we love to witness unconventional results. 

We are Caregivers:  

We believe that good friends last forever. So, we take care of our relationships in such a way that trust, empathy and honesty are maintained between both parties, and of course, we love to share a good coffee!​ 

We are Jesters:  

We like to have a good time, so you could say that we like tennis shoes more than heels and T-shirts more than ties. We believe more in ideas than in protocols. That’s why we just say we have fun while we work. 

2. Why join to Cafeto? 

You are the priority! 

We have a flexible culture and Work-Life Balance, and a wonderful camaraderie environment with team activities.

We care about your training! You will have semi-personalized English classes so that you can improve your language skills.​​ Also, we identify opportunities for you to improve your technical and soft skills.  

3. Why is Cafeto the best place to build a career? 

Here, you will never get bored! You will take on challenges, learn new technologies, work with foreign clients that will allow you to take your professional profile to another level. 

We are a horizontal company; your voice will be heard! Every person who comes is an essential member of our #Cafetofamily

FAQ Cafeto

4. What are the main benefits of being part of Cafeto? 

  • Friendly culture  
  • World-class projects 
  • Great equipment 
  • Competitive salaries 
  • Multiple cultural spaces 

5. What is the culture like in the working day? 

  • Learning new technologies at the forefront of the market 
  • We use the best tools 
  • Friendly culture  
  • Constantly feedback 
  • Career path 

Also, we have some culture activities such as:  

  • Talking link
  • Mental wellness talks 
  • Women’s Circle 
  • Physical wellness talks 
  • Friday’s games 
  • Cafeto tech talks  

6. Can I find an Internship at Cafeto? 

Yes, send your CV in English to [email protected] writing in the objects Internship process. 

7. Which are the basic requirements to join? 

To join our Cafeto family, the basic requirements are: fluency in English, passion for technology, interest in growing in a fast-paced company, interested in agile methodologies, flexible and in case of aspiring to a technological position, you must understand the logic of the growth, and knowledge of programming languages. 

8. Does Cafeto have an employee referral program? 

Yes! If you know a friend who would love to work with us, you can provide us with the information to contact him/her. Register here!

9. Is location required to apply for a role? 

No, our positions are 100% remote. We do have workplaces in Bogotá, Cali and Guadalajara, for those who love to see their team and the onsite dynamics. We want to reach all parts of the world; that is why remote work is essential in our philosophy.

10. How do I prepare for an Interview in Cafeto? 

Be yourself, know your motivations, understand what your professional projection is, and give your all. 

11. Get to know our selection process!

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