April 7, 2021

Healthcare Industry: A Software Development Services Partner

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Healthcare Industry: A Software Development Services Partner

Every April 7, the World Health Organization chooses to highlight a current special theme in the wellness and medical world. This year’s World Health Day will focus on nurses and midwives, restless workers that revolutionized the healthcare industry to turn it into what it is today.  However today, we want to recognize its labor and every company working in the healthcare industry. Taking into account, their software development services’ partners.

Having said that, this year we feel very proud to work with companies that are betting to impact positively the healthcare industry with the assistance of software development services. We want to make a special recognition to one of our distinguished clients: AssuriCare

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A company dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of software tools. Letting home care agencies, registries, and insurers focus on helping families.

As a company that works towards transforming the health industry for better care and simplified processes. Its clear mission “ to help people have easy access, manage and pay for quality long-term care by seamlessly connecting care recipients, providers and insurers” has made a change for many people all over the world. 

What’s the result?

As a result, we partnered up to work together to develop a streamlined process for LTCIs (Long Term Care Insurance). So that they can receive a standardized invoice from facilities for services rendered. All of this was done through modern technologies such as Angular 9. In order, to comply with the challenge of migrating and upgrading their current platform.

Cafeto Software is thrilled to work with companies like this. 

To conclude, this recognition in World Health Day stands for those companies that want to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Also, for those that are willing to move forward providing unique experiences. With the assistance of the best software development services to lead the change within the sector. In case you´re interested to learn how nearshore outsourcing software development services can benefit your company, make sure to check out our blogs page.

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