June 25, 2021

ICT Ministry and Senate sign cooperation agreement for digital transformation

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ICT Ministry and Senate sign cooperation agreement for digital transformation

A digital transformation in government and the public sector is what the ICT Ministry has been pulling for.

“Today’s world requires us to improve services and tools so that citizens can do their errands digitally, and have access to information safely through one click.” Words that the ICT Minister Karen Abudinen said on June 16th during a signing agreement between the ICT Ministry and the Colombian Senate.

Between the commitments of the ICT Ministry for 2021, there is the improvement of digital security and the safeguard of information. However, last Wednesday, the ICT Ministry firmed an inter-administrative agreement with the Senate. To promote and strengthen a digitalization plan for this last organization. The purpose of this agreement is to support the Senate in its digital transformation plan and simultaneously simplify internal processes to make them fast and facile.  

As Minister Abudinen claims, this arrangement contributes to the state being closer to the citizens.

How’s the digital transformation process?

digital transformation in government and public sector

To accomplish the gamble, the two entities will work together at the formulation of the Strategic Information Technology Plan. Allowing the Ministry to identify and support the areas in need of strengthening. Aiming to provide top-quality technology services and a digital transformation plan. 

On the other hand, a Citizen Folder will be made. Which is a free space on the internet where Colombians can store, receive and share documents or records that are generated in their relationship with the State. Therefore, Colombians will have the opportunity to process any information required at the Single State Portal. In addition that, applying this plan ensures the interoperability of state entities. 

All information processed by the public sector will make sure that people have the CV of State contractors, the driving license history, and many more services. Subsequently, the goal is to make sure that 3,500,000 Colombians are linked to the Citizen Folder before the end of 2022, said the Minister. 

From the Ministry, we are committed to the digital transformation of the State. That is why we have been working with 34 public sector institutions to launch the interoperability service, with which we seek to facilitate the exchange of information between entities and make processes more productive. Informed the official.

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