May 26, 2021

IT Staff Augmentation Market

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IT Staff Augmentation Market

It staff augmentation: The IT market is expected to increase by 7.7% from 2020 to 2027. 

Have you been in a situation where you do everything you can to accomplish a goal, but you just can’t? Many arguments show up in your head, but you know that mainly it could be due to a lack of resources, skills, timing, or even money. 

That’s where staff augmentation comes along.  

Did you know that the IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Market revenue reached 2018 US$ 262.53 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) of 6.5% from 2019 to 2027?

As you might be aware the “Information technology (IT) outsourcing is a term used for the practice of seeking resources or subcontracting outside of an organization structure for all of an IT function.” (The courier, 2021)

This means that a company has a variety of choices to gather up the tech assets, from infrastructure, software development to support & operations, since up to 60% of costs can be saved up rather than hiring a whole “IT department”/ In-House development team. There are many alternatives when choosing to outsource staff. You can nearshore, on-shore, or even offshore these IT services.

However, when staffing is what you have in mind to outsource, Latin America can be your ideal market.

Opportunities in Latin America

it staff augmentation

It has grown its popularity among the U.S. According to a study by the Inter-American Development Bank, the Outsourcing industry in Colombia has risen more than 60% in the last four years, which makes it: “the hidden gem of Outsourcing in Latin America.”

Colombia is considered a prosperous country in the outsourcing area because it is based on: the workforce of Colombians with drive and dedication that make a successful service possible. The infrastructure is based on high technology, the Hispanic language that is gaining strength, a solid educational system that allows culturally developed people, and the government support that the system has had.

How can you benefit from outsourcing IT staff?


Sometimes In-House teams get stuck in enigmas because they’re used to solving situations as they always do, following a structure. But when it comes to outsourced teams, they come with open minds and a world full of possibilities since they’ve worked in multiple troubleshooting scenarios. In addition, workflows can be optimized, and the software development life cycles with them.


You don’t have to worry about assembling teams and staying with them forever when outsourcing this service. Every project is specific and needs a team composed according to the requirements. As a result, you can scale up the team of professionals specialized precisely for that particular project with outsourcing.

Find what you need 

There’s an open sea of possibilities; nowadays, you can find the person you need in a short period. The recruitment process is undoubtedly faster and more appealing, especially when using a nearshore software development services partner.

Reduced costs

Paying for an IT infrastructure isn’t cheap. You can save more than 60% of your costs by outsourcing your staff. You won’t be paying full-time salaries, offices, and training.

The contracts with the outsourced developers are temporary. Therefore, you won’t get stuck after the project with a team of in-house developers. They are leading you to resource efficiency.

To sum up, staying fully involved in outsourcing is crucial; you won’t have full-time employees but supervising and managing the team’s timing, budget, solutions, and communication channels is on you, considering that it will make your staff augmentation experience unique.

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