June 16, 2021

Moving forward to 5G connectivity: Colombia

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Moving forward to 5G connectivity: Colombia

5G connectivity

In the past few years, Colombia has been committed to launching connectivity programs with the support of the ICT Ministry. Like the allocation of the 4G network spectrum, which, according to government calculations, reached 75% of the connected population. This prepared the country for the next chapter: Carry the 5G network.

During 2020, the nation evaluated the interest of operators’ in the matter. Claro, Movistar, ETB, ITICS y Xiro Investment Group (telecommuncation leaders in the field) pledged on launching pilot programs to analyze the behavior of this network and detect possible solutions applicable in the country. 

Initial tests launched in 2018, but Covid-19 revealed the importance of connectivity for the country and its economy. The pandemic prompted the national development plan to start implementing the use of new technologies and stay updated on the latest tech improvements.  

We are sure that 5G technology will enable entrepreneurship models never seen before in the country, generating new sources of social and economic development for ColombiansThe ICT minister, Karen Abudinen 

Colombia a 5G connectivity pioneer

During the 2020, Colombia, and the United States were the only American countries developing an integrating plan for 5G.  Colombia demonstrated great leadership in the Latin American region to testing the spectrum, understanding it, and studying how it will benefit its population in the near future.

As Catalina Ururita, the Latin American VP of Ericsson says: We see that Colombia is a pioneer in the implementation of 5G connectivity within Latin America because the issue is on the discussion table of the public agenda. Even during the pandemic, the country has continued to allocate spectrum for testing. In this way, the public and private sectors demonstrate their willingness to ensure that the new technology reaches the country as soon as possible.

Considering Mrs. Urrutia’s statement, and according to a recent study made by Statista on the “Adoption of 5G connection in 2025, by region”, Latin America has estimated a reach of 7% of the worldwide connection, in addition to three million subscriptions to 2025 in this technology across the globe. 

Source: Statista

Currently, the ICT Ministry continues developing the plan with the Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC) and the National Spectrum Agency (ANE). To structure the auction for spectrum use permits in the appropriate bands for 5G technology. 

Notably, the CRC issued a first review of the regulatory conditions, concluding that the country has a favorable framework; while, the ANE presented availability of bands for this development. Which means that Colombia is ready.

“Nowadays approximately 75 percent of mobile internet access is through 4G networks” 

So, there’s a good estimation that 5G introduction will accomplish over 75% of the internet access in the upcoming years. 

5G network

What’s next? 

These 5G pilots have been developed. So, operators and private companies have the opportunity to test the technology, identify technical needs, and reactivate the economy. Colombia will be the next Latin American Silicon Valley and the country is proving it. Huge investment opportunities keep coming and the country is already prepared to start giving better browsing speeds, ease projects with its high standards of competitiveness and productivity. 

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