April 30, 2021

Nearshoring IT Staff Augmentation: everything you need to know

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Nearshoring IT Staff Augmentation: everything you need to know

What is Staff Augmentation? What is IT Staff Augmentation? Why are US companies choosing to nearshore their IT staffing needs? If you´re wondering what all of this means, you’ve come to the right place. One of the most acclaimed working models is staffing, which translates to hiring outsourced personnel to develop a certain project to satisfy a client’s need. However, what may concern you the most about it, is hiring workers from across the globe to work remotely and what are companies offering nowadays: nearshoring IT staff augmentation services.

For the software development industry, nearshoring your staffing services is the difference between success and failure. It will allow you to gain access to a whole new talent pool of developers, graphic designers, analysts, UX/UI designers, QA, support, or even maintenance, in a world with a 33% developer shortage.

Considering the recent and quick advancements in the tech industry thanks to Covid-19, increasing your In-House developers’ costs is no longer your only option. Furthermore, now the world is more open to the highly flexible strategy that represents less risk, reduced costs in project implementation, and many more advantages for the companies currently: Nearshoring.  

That’s why in this article you’ll find everything you have to know about IT staffing and nearshoring the service: 

  1. What does “nearshoring IT and software development services” mean?  
  2. Staff augmentation, what is it? And how do we differentiate it from IT staff augmentation?  
  3. Why should companies consider nearshoring their staff augmentation needs?  
  4. How does staff augmentation work?  
  5. Learn why are US companies choosing to nearshore their IT Staffing Needs?  
  6. Why does it make sense for US companies to nearshore?  
  7. How is the process of acquiring staff augmentation services to a nearshore location?  

Nearshoring IT and software development services

Nearshoring IT and software development services means outsourcing the software development and information technology needs to companies or freelancers that are located geographically closer. Ideally, the time difference between these is no greater than the 3 hours.

Besides, hiring a  nearshore outsourcing company has multiple advantages. You can access highly qualified teams to develop your project at a lower cost, with cultural similarities, and save effort in management. 

Staff Augmentation Vs. IT Staff Augmentation services 

Generally speaking, staff augmentation stands as a global practice. In which outside personnel incorporates temporarily into an organization to support its capacity. 

Although, the reason to incorporate the practice into an organization is because of its flexibility to use the personnel. In addition to filling a company’s project need in compliance with the in-house team. 

In contrast, IT staff augmentation can be defined as an allocation of dedicated technical resources. Usually hired as an extension of software and application development teams. It can be for a short or long-term period. In case, you´d like to learn more about the advantages of nearshoring IT staff augmentation services click here

The importance of Nearshoring your Staff Augmentation needs.

Having an efficient developer just for a limited amount of time at a reduced cost is a pretty good reason. But, having this person in the same time zone, helps your project scale-up and get sufficient flexibility to overcome an issue in a time of crisis. Nearshoring also assures better cultural responses and adaptation to an in-house team. As a matter of fact, not having to hire directly a candidate which could lead to great expenses for the company, allows you to have highly skilled resources just for a certain project’s demands. One of the examples of highly qualified staff in the world is within the Latin American Region. 

How does staffing work?

Why are US companies nearshoring IT Staffing Needs and what does it represent for them?  

US companies are choosing to nearshore their IT staffing needs because they´ve found that it’s a practical approach to develop their core business activities. It makes sense for US companies to nearshore for these reasons: 

  1. Financial, cultural, and regional advantages: nearshoring to Latin America has several benefits for US companies. You’ll be working with Agile, flexible, well-communicated, and dedicated teams. In addition to that, US organizations shall be saving money and reducing costs. By nearshoring IT staffing needs to Latin America you’ll be benefiting from the average developers’ salaries which are almost 30% less than in the US, and talent diversity.
  2. Time savings: developers aren’t easy to find. The recruitment processes to hire in-house personnel are thoroughly long, it can even take months to find the perfect fit. Meanwhile, choosing Nearshoring IT staffing needs helps you hire the right talent in a short period without facing complications in language, skills, and timing. 
  3. Lower operational costs: When nearshoring staffing, US companies won´t have to pay bills, office rental, equipment, fees, pay vacation; since the resource, you´ll be working with won´t be physically taking the client´s space and will not be an in-house employee.

Staff augmentation services to a nearshore location

In conclusion, staff augmentation, especially in the IT and Software Development industry, can carry you a lot of benefits but it’s important to weigh your needs, the time of your project’s implementation and more importantly the partner you’ll be working with to nearshoring IT staff augmentation services.

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