April 12, 2021

Outsourcing Software Development for Startups: Benefits

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Outsourcing Software Development for Startups: Benefits

Outsourcing software development Startup Benefits

Software has become the new oil of the world, we can find it everywhere in our lives. From Ecards, printers, computers, cellphones to vehicles. However, software hasn’t only impacted products but social lives, simplifying and granting access to communication even if we require its presence to allow visibility in the worksite. Having said that, digital entrepreneurs have become attracted to the idea of making their business ideas come to life through one industry that modified the way of businessmen and women acquire services: Outsourcing Software Development.

Like so, the service can be applied to multiples industries such as transport, communications, energy, health, and entertainment. But have you ever wondered how could outsourcing software development benefit startups?

Let’s start off by defining what is a startup:

A startup is an emerging company that has great potential for growth. But to reach it, it needs to penetrate the market to find capital and use digital techs to find funding.

Contemplating that, outsourcing software development for startups will be the right option if consolidating an idea is the objective. And to do that, it’s important to understand the perks of outsourcing software development for these unicorns:

  1. Experience
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Communication
  4. Top-notched recruitment process
  5. Cost-efficiency 

Experience in the industry

One of the main challenges that start-ups face in the making process is the lack of resources. In that case, having an outsourced software development partner is the best choice. Firstly, it will handle the resources used for the development. Secondly, it will foster digital entrepreneurs to focus on other important aspects such as:

  • Finding resources
  • Allies hunting
  • Networking
  • Legal formalities
  • Creating a strategy

Secondly, outsourcing software development services allow the unicorn’s entrepreneur also to have multiple options for a project like marketing, design, staff augmentation, and software factory consulting if these are requested. On the other hand, start-ups can benefit from these types of companies by supplying MVPs, project planning, creating UI/UX design, and testing if that´s what the digital innovator seeks.


Above all, having to start from scratch building software isn’t a fast process. A program’s creation can even take years, therefore, time and money could be wasted along the process.

Lastly, outsourcing software development alleviates the project’s budget and of course save you valuable time. Receiving software made will get you to the next stage of start-up development.

Effective communication

In regards to communication, outsourcing software developers have an advantage over big companies: the adaptation and experience these developers acquire over the years by working with people from all over the world. Besides, another main disadvantage of not outsourcing software development services is the expense of having a collaboration platform for the developers to work on the project: Hubspot, Trello, and Github are some examples.

Meanwhile, outsourcing the service will save you up money since the developers already have the platforms to work under and make the process faster because the start-ups won’t be focusing on blending the team.

Recruitment process

Not having to worry about the recruitment process for a startup is represents a major benefit for a company.  You´ll not be wasting time on pre-screening, interviewing, testing, and following the steps for hiring a person to know if it has the skills to work for your project.

Outsourcing software development for startups with the right company guarantees a qualified workforce and the relief of knowing that the people you’re working with won’t fail on your idea taking into account that it won’t be a bad hire.


Considering the previews benefits of outsourcing software development. Startups would save the money for building the software’s infrastructure, training, recruitment processes; and even rent if having an in-house software developer, is your strategy. 

Outsourcing can save up to 60% of your costs. The contracts with the outsourced developers are temporary. Therefore, you won’t get stuck after the project gets done with a team of in-house developers. Leading you to resources efficiency.

To sum up, outsourcing software development services for startups are a cost-efficient and fast way to make your ideas come to life. Not having to worry about the prices of the technology used to construct software, rent of offices, hiring processes, and having a tight budget to develop a business idea are just some of the benefits an entrepreneur can get.

Also, if you’re interested in knowing how Cafeto software´s outsourcing development services can assist you with your idea, pass by our services page to find more information about it.

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