January 24, 2024

Why Colombia Should Be Your Talent Search Destination for Staff Augmentation & BPO

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Why Colombia Should Be Your Talent Search Destination for Staff Augmentation & BPO

The recent years have witnessed a seismic shift in how we work, and companies have been adapting along the way. One of the biggest challenges, and opportunities, has been the rise of remote work. This presents a chance to tap into global talent pools like never before, especially in regions like Colombia, a South American IT powerhouse.

Colombia has risen as a remote IT haven, attracting companies worldwide for its skilled workforce, competitive costs, and proximity to the US market. But beyond the time zone advantage, lies a trove of highly qualified professionals. We’re talking software engineers, developers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, and more, armed with the expertise your project needs.


IT Industry Growth: The Colombian IT industry has grown 25% in the past decade, contributing 3% to GDP. 11,000 IT companies operate nationwide, generating $29 billion in sales. (Nuvalence, 2022)

Remote Opportunities: 2,000+ remote IT jobs were posted on LinkedIn within the last 24 hours, showcasing robust demand for Colombian talent. (LinkedIn, Jan 2024)

Attraction for Foreign Companies: Latin America saw a 161% increase in international remote hiring in the first half of 2022, with Colombia being a prime target. (Bloomberg, 2022)

Colombia IT

Exceptional Skills: Renowned universities churn out IT graduates equipped with the latest knowledge, making Colombia a treasure trove of skilled and affordable talent.

English Proficiency: Proximity to the US fosters widespread English fluency, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Cost-Effectiveness: Employing IT professionals from Colombia comes with a cost advantage of 30-50% when we consider their counterparts in the US or Europe, presenting a budget-friendly option.

Time Zone Advantage: Colombia’s one-hour offset from Eastern Standard Time ensures smooth collaboration with US teams.

Developing Infrastructure: Government initiatives and private investments are rapidly improving internet connectivity and co-working spaces across the country.

Colombia offers a winning combination of skill, affordability, and convenience. Forget the challenges of remote work – focus on the advantages and let Colombia’s IT talent pool fuel your company’s success.

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