Become a Cafeto Connector and earn a sweet 3% commission on every successful referral for up to a year!

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How Cafeto’s Connect & Earn Club works?

1. Identify the person or company you are referring and fill in the information on the form.

2. Our team will contact your referral and identify if they meet the client profile.

3. We will inform you if the deal is closed or not. If the agreement is closed, you will receive the corresponding payment of 3% of the total invoice value.*

*Terms & Conditions

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Why partner with us


Exceeding Expectations

Cafeto, a trusted company with over 13 years in the market, is committed to surpassing your expectations.


Unlocking Happiness

Experience the profound impact of the 3% difference in project management excellence at Cafeto, ensuring your satisfaction.


Amplify Your Network Impact

Elevate your network value by partnering with Cafeto, a premier IT Nearshore Outsourcing company, poised to enhance your operational impact.

FAQs About Cafeto’s Connect & Earn Club

Who can I refer?

You can refer potential clients for staff augmentation services or software development services.

What is the ideal client profile?

Our ideal client must be located in the United States. It can be a large company of 300+ people or a startup looking for our services (staff augmentation or custom software development).

When do I get paid?

If your referral is for Staffing Services, Cafeto will pay the referral fee within thirty (30) days of receipt of payments from the referred client (3% per month and up to 12 months).
Suppose your referral is for Software Development Services. In that case, Cafeto will pay the referral fee within thirty (30) days of receipt of payments from the referred client (3% for each client’s first project—regardless of project duration).

Our Customers Trust Us

Reviewed on Clutch

Travis Sydow

Professional Services Manager

The partner is happy with the successful integration of resources and the advanced technical solutions they provide. Cafeto Software consistently delivers on time and within budget, adding value to the end client. They’re proactive communicators who implement effective project management strategies.

Reviewed on Clutch

David Pawlan

Head of Partnerships at Aloa

Cafeto Software has become one of the client’s trusted partners by delivering consistently high-quality work. They excel at project management, and their organizational structure allows for greater project success and efficiencies. Customers can expect a transparent and diligent partner.

Reviewed on Clutch

Helen Piña

VP of Marketing at White Cup

“They are diligent about customer satisfaction and regularly check in on the performance of their contractors.”