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Paula Acosta

Project Discovery Leader

Experienced UX/UI designer with a strong research background, employing a design process intricately shaped by agile methodologies and a profound understanding of user mental models. As a seasoned graphic designer, I bring over 5 years of expertise cultivated in advertising agencies and diverse companies. My portfolio spans a spectrum of projects encompassing digital design, UX/UI design, User Profiling (Personas and User Journeys), storytelling, user testing, prototyping, and comprehensive user research.

My passion lies in crafting experiences that go beyond aesthetics – I am dedicated to creating designs that empower individuals, instill a genuine sense of interest, and cultivate a comfortable user environment. I believe in the transformative power of design to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

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What will you learn

Understanding of Product Discovery Fundamentals:

Learn the core concepts and principles of product discovery, such as user empathy, problem definition, and the importance of iterative processes.

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Identification of Key User Needs and Pain Points:

Explore methods for uncovering and prioritizing user needs and pain points. Understand how to effectively gather and analyze user feedback to inform product development.

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Overview of Agile Methodologies in Product Discovery:

Gain a brief introduction to agile methodologies and how they are integrated into the product discovery process. Understand the benefits of agility in adapting to changing requirements.

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Tips for Efficient Prototyping and Testing:

Learn about the rapid prototyping and user testing phases of product discovery. Understand how to create prototypes quickly to validate assumptions and gather valuable user insights.

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This session may also serve as a starting point for further exploration and learning.

While a 15-minute session is relatively short, it can provide a concise and focused overview, leaving you with a foundation to appreciate the importance of product discovery and its practical applications in creating successful and user-centric products.


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