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Cross-Platform App Development

Cropswap, by introducing technology innovation to the agricultural supply chain, democratizes access to healthy and organic produce for communities. Consumers can make a one-time purchase or acquire a weekly subscription to receive a produce box once a week. In-app features include order tracking and marketplace.​

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  • We integrated Sendbird API to facilitate in-app conversations and messaging between farmers and consumers, thus improving the order and delivery experience.​

  • Mapbox integration. It allows consumers to identify via geolocalization the nearest farmers in their area so they can reduce delivery times and carbon footprint.​

  • The third step of our cross-platform app development was Algolia. This system optimizes the indexing of information, reducing the amount of information the system has to bring from the databases, reducing in a significant way the data usage, and preventing issues like negative scores on App Stores.​

  • Stripe is an online payment processing system that powers in-app transactions. This feature allows farmers and users to make and receive payments within the app, making it easier to acquire data from income and expenses for further analysis.​

  • Discovery and ideation

  • End-to-end development

  • Re-branding

  • Bug fixes

  • DevOps

  • Support and maintenance on different levels

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