Meeting Scheduling Software & Agenda Management

Virtual Event Software Development

Virtual Tradeshows platform sought support to develop and enhance their DX for online event customers. ​They launched an agenda tool and scheduling features with unique characteristics that help improve the event organization and the possibility of interaction between attendees.


Facts & Results

Successfully differentiate the product against competitors with features that add value to the end-user, making our customer's tool the most robust in the market of virtual events.

Support the client in being the first virtual events platform with the ability for attendees to schedule meetings with representatives of the events and other attendees.

We have developed easy-to-use virtual event software and tradeshow management tools like event agenda production to provide guided and personalized experiences for event organizers.

Our Role

Quick onboarding of talent resources.
Feature Development.
Meet deadline for time-to-market

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Power to Scale

Support and maintenance for Dynamic Pricing Solutions platform to increase revenue and improve DX in multiple industries.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Nutritional Calculator App designed to support habits of renal care patients.

App created to further support chronic renal disease patient management and their nutritional habits to improve quality of life.

Real Estate Website
Real Estate Multilingual Website.

Spanish and Portuguese website development for real estate agents.

To attend two different markets, this Real Estate company decided to build a multilingual website to showcase their listings. Spanish and Portuguese development.

Health Monitoring Software for Wearables
Health Monitoring Software for Wearables

Desktop and Mobile App Development for Patient Monitoring Through Wearables.

App developed to monitor chronic patients' vital signs through the use of wearables to improve quality of life.

Software Factory Legacy Systems Modernization

Application Revampig for Processes Optimization

Modernization of legacy systems to fulfill requirements for homecare reports, patient care monitoring, scheduling, and invoicing.

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Mobile app solution to check drug interactions on renal patiens.

Clinical applications to reduce the margin of prescription error.


End-to-end Hybrid Mobile Development

CropSwap introduces technology innovation to the agricultural supply chain to democratize access to healthy and organic produce for communities.