QA Service

in the Cybersecurity Industry

Our client is a a cybersecurity company that aims to infuse resilience into the core of every organization's digital assets. With a mission to revolutionize data protection. Their innovative technology offers unparalleled security and system integrity, safeguarding organizations from internal vulnerabilities. Client’s top priorities were to ensure the platform's functionality across web, API, and mobile app through a combination of automated and manual testing. They also sought seamless integration with their existing CI/CD pipeline for continuous delivery.

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  • Service Discovery: A meticulous analysis identified deliverables, exploratory tests, User Story alignment, test types, prioritization, execution plans, testing environments, tools, policies, and the scope of automation and manual testing.

  • Test Planning: A plan outlined the strategy, objectives, schedule, resources, system requirements and approach.

  • Test Execution: Consolidating test cases, preparing testing environments, executing and documenting the process.

  • Test Reporting: Cafeto verified test completion and deliver a closure report.

  • Automated Testing Framework: Cafeto established a robust automated testing framework using tools like Test Rail and Playwright, ensuring efficient repeatability and early error detection.

  • Continuous Integration: Testing seamlessly integrated into the Company's CI/CD pipeline for automated execution, streamlining the development process.